Mindful Techniques to Address Anxiety Mini-Course

This mini-course is one piece of the puzzle in your process of gaining deeper understanding of mindfulness techniques to address anxiety and moving onward on your journey toward more balanced life and increased self-awareness.

Get all you can out of it and then make every effort to find out what other types of information and supports are available to you.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Manage barriers by joining this workshop so you can learn mindfulness techniques to managing anxiety and barriers because improvement depends primarily on follow-through and the amount of work you put into practicing the skills provided in the mini-course.

Remember to practice the skills over, and over, and over. It usually takes time for changes in our behavior and thinking to lead to feeling better.

You are creating mind/body connection!

Like learning how to play the guitar, you are practicing new ways of doing things that will feel “mechanical” at first and eventually become more comfortable over period of time!

If you are in therapy, continue to participate and discuss the process of integrating the skills learned in this mini-course with your therapist.

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“The Balanced Life Series”

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